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Sailmithril - ocean cruising adventures

About Mithril


The technical stuff

Personal history of Geraldine and Peter the owners of Mithril

Mithril's vital statistics
15.5m x 5m x 2.2m
51' x 16' x 7'
van der Stadt Pacific 50
Sail area
 120 square metres
 1,200 square feet
Ford 85hp
5kva generator.


6 crew berths in 3 cabins


radar, gps, vhf, weatherfax,
epirb, flares, 8 man SOLAS liferaft,
2 dinghies with emergency equipment,
life jackets and harnesses.

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 Mithril was designed and built to be a
 strong  and safe world voyaging boat
 not as one to sit and look pretty in a
 marina. She has proved to be seakindly
 in the worst weather the Roaring
 Forties could throw at us as well as
 performing well in the lighter winds of
 the tradewind belts. As you would
 expect from a boat that is lived on full 
 time Mithril has all the comforts of home
 from microwave oven and freezer to
 stereo music system and extensive

copyright Geraldine Foley.